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The global economy is facing extreme turbulence and risk to both the public and corporations is on the rise; threats to economic stability and national security, locally and globally are continuously increasing. Simultaneously, compliance and reputational risks are escalating with the growth of competitiveness amongst corporations. To respond to and mitigate the rising risks and threats, regulatory scrutiny is increasing too. These matters dominate many boardroom and executive closed-door discussions.

GFBI professionals bring together all the expertise required to protect your business. With our unique wealth of experience and exposure to best business practices, we are well equipped to provide you with tailor-made solutions to assist you with:

  • Compliance with the continually increasing regulatory requirements concerning combating financial crime
  • Protecting your business integrity
  • Mitigating risk and preventing litigation
  • Reinforcing confidence in your business

Amongst our advisory services, we are specialised in the development of Risk Management systems and strategies, development of Risk Management policies and procedures as well as conducting internal audits and assessments. 

With a unique and extensive global network across various sectors, GFBI is also specialised in conducting in-depth and reliable research and studies. Our research can be field-based or desk-based depending on your organisation’s objectives and needs.

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Protecting your business integrity

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